Why would we use fertilizer?

Fertilizer is an important product and without it we wouldn’t be able to do without it. We use tons of it every year but if it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be able to feed the whole world population. We are constantly optimizing the fertilizers and it is important that they don’t escape too early because it is bad for the environment.

Fertilizer additives makes the right fertilizer

Fertilizer is a small grain that is full of fertilizer additives. The pellet is a composition of several nutrients that a plant needs to grow. A plant can grow from just soil, water and sunlight, but to give a plant an extra you need to apply fertilizer. Normally a plant will grow into a good fruit but in the time the plant gets in agriculture it will not be able to reach the size we want to see. By adding the fertilizer in the soil, a plant can get just the boost it needs and deliver a fully grown fruit to the grower.

Fertilizer need to meet the ground

Fertilizer is spread over the crop with a machine that throws it away in a semi-circle behind it, as it were. It is important that the fertilizer pellet lands in its entirety on the soil and that, by coming into contact with moisture, it slowly dissolves and penetrates the soil.

Source: LignoStar