When will an EA tool work for your company?

The Dutch IT consultancy company ValueBlue, nowadays also based in America, knows how to work in the event of a lack of cooperation and the obstruction of visibility within your organization. BlueDolphin, the Enterprise Architecture tool developed by ValueBlue, is a tool that helps with the many challenges within the business organisation. From communication to coordination and gaining insight into IT processes; overview is the key to success for BlueDolphin.

This tool was born from the idea of ​​an effective approach to organizational planning, better monitoring of the company, and ensuring stimulation and change in a way that any leader could understand. Focused primarily on small to medium large organizations, such as construction, the government or the non-profit sector. It is the perfect alternative to the lack of insight with existing applications. Which are desperately needed to mention, when you deal with the many processes and infrastructures in business architecture on a daily basis. Including handling data in the IT landscape. The ValueBlue pricing model is accessible to everyone online, so there is no need to contact the sales team on the first hand.

To use the BlueDolphin tool, free trial versions can be obtained. The corresponding licenses are easier to obtain than those of other tools within this field. Do you want to get a better overview of the current status of your company, but also keep an eye on the future and do you have an open vision for innovation and new strategies? Is it time to invest or to take a different path? With the help of economic, technological, legal, and many more different market analyzes, this is an important tool for the organization leader who wants to quickly make the choice to move from or continue with the current state of affairs. Take away your doubts and choose an effective EA Tool.