What is 5S Management?

Lean Six Sigma is a popular methodology which is now being adopted by several companies. It is a way to increase work efficiency of the employees and management. An online management course which helps students learn how to implement the essence of continued improvement.

So, what is 5S management and how is it helpful?

Keeping the Workplace Better Organized

5S Management is an online course which helps to keep a workplace better organized. It is known that in our workplace there is a lot of extra waste than we can actually imagine. You might be thinking that your workplace looks neat and clean, but it doesn’t mean that in reality it is a lot clean. The course is about how-to bring order, how to improvise and improve the workplace continuously.

With the help of Lean Six Sigma method of 5S, it is possible to get rid of all waste and ensure excellent organization of the workplace. With the follow of such techniques, it is possible to have a culture which is constantly improving in efficiency and where productivity boost is a regular feature as well.

Steps Involved in 5s Management Method

The 5S management method involves a few steps which helps in eliminating waste. This is done through different methods which includes sorting, setting and shining the workplace. The last step involves standardizing and also sustaining all results. Such a management process which is aimed towards improvement is just perfect for setting a unique culture of regular improvement. It involves getting the most done, having it organized and managing it.

Students can learn all the intricacies of 5S Management. The course offers an in-depth view and it is quite easy to follow and to understand as well. The subject matter is well explained through text, videos, quizzes, downloadable templates and also includes an exam at the end of the course.