Used gearboxes

Used gearbox

The gearbox is an important component in the transmission process. It works together with the clutch and driveshaft to give variable outputs of the engine depending on the terrain and the speed the driver want to manoeuvre. The gearbox is quite a unique component because when you encounter problems with it, there may be more underlying issues with other component like the driveshaft, clutch or even engine. Gearboxes are also important in the world of industrialization. Almost all manufacturing plants rely on the use of industrial gearboxes to aid in the running of their machinery.

Once the gearbox starts giving you complications, thinking of a solution such as replacing it comes to mind. There are certain options you can reconsider for your gearbox transmission such as; Getting a brand new gearbox to replacement your old unit, buying a remanufactured gearbox like one that is professionally refurbished and built to specifications of your transmission, rebuilding your gearbox and restoring it to its original working condition or getting a used gearbox from a donor car.

Deciding on the option you would want to pursue may be challenging but with proper guidance from your mechanic you can make the best decision for you. Transmission work is expensive, especially dealing with the gearboxes. These are large complicated mechanism to assemble and dismantling them.


Causes of Mechanical Problems with the Gearbox

Gearbox failure should be taken with seriousness because it can lead to failure of the car. There are various issues that can lead to this failure but the most prominent is wear and tear. Just like everything else in this world, continuous use of your gearbox over the years will lead to wear and finally breakdown.

This cost of moderate wearing, abrasive wearing, excessive wearing, and corrosive wearing. Usually brought about by inadequate lubrication, or contamination of lubrication, moderate wear is shown by contact patterns on the affected parts. Unnoticed wearing continues to be a problem and will affect significant parts of the material leading to pitting on its surface. If you see grooves, radial scratches or marks on the surface if the gears, it is brought about by foreign material present in the gear system.

Another issue is frosting. The wear pattern has a frosted appearance. It usually occurs on the addendum and is brought about by breaking down of the lubrication film due to heat.

Breakage of an entire tooth or a piece of the tooth, pitting and spilling can also bring issues with your gearbox.

Used gearbox

Getting a Used Gearbox for Your Vehicle

With the right selection, a used gearbox might be a lasting solution rather than a temporary fix to your transmission problems. Consulting a transmission expert or your mechanic will give you the necessary knowledge to know what to look for and avoid while getting a used gearbox.


Buying a used gearbox is the most cost effective decision yon will make when replacing your gearbox. They cost less than new ones and the refurbished ones.

Installing a used gearbox will solve your transmission and you can be on the road as soon as possible and it will be on a budget.

Finding one is quick and easy as they are mostly advertised online and sold by auto salvage yards and private parties.

Some sellers can even go as far as giving you a 30-day warranty to protect you and guarantee your investment.


The main disadvantage of getting a used gearbox is that it is used. It already has some of its life used up by its previous owner. It may be hard to tell how many kilometres you will get with it before it also gets bad.

Some used gearboxes may have a shifting problem that gives the vehicle an unstable feel whilst driving. In most cases this problem is often undisclosed.

If the previous owner did not have a proper maintenance regime for the used gearbox, its life may be shorter than previously thought.

Used gearboxes have contaminants such as old lubrication fluid that may affect the torque and transmission cooling system.

There are also cases where the used gearbox may not be the perfect or exact fit for your vehicle.
These drawbacks are often associated with used gearboxes and require additional costs in terms of labour and time to fix them.



When you opt to get a used transmission and gearbox, you need to be extremely careful. There are several pitfalls that may lead to significant mechanical issues and you want to avoid these. There are also cases where the transmission system has been stolen and there may be deceitful sellers who want to make a quick buck.

Even if you have been issued with a warranty, make sure everything is in order by consulting with your mechanic. Sometimes these warranty periods will only cover the estimated time frame before the component malfunctions and sinking your money means that you will cater for all future costs if the part fails. Do your research on the seller to avoid being conned and scammed.