Steps to Take Care of Darts

Darts too need a little bit of care, just like all types of sports equipment. You should maintain them on a regular basis. Even if your darts are made of high-quality material, you should give attention to them. It will help avoid damage to the products and keep them in tip-top shape. You need to follow a few steps to take care of the darts.

Regular Cleaning of Barrels:

Darts refer to tiny missiles that require regular cleaning for better performance in the game of darts. It will help you in ensuring the perfect grip while throwing. To clean darts properly, you need to get a mixture of water and detergent in a bowl on which you can stand the barrel in the liquid solution. Then you can leave the barrel in the solution for 6 hours. While cleaning, use a paintbrush or toothbrush to remove dirt from the barrel and then rinse it off. 

What to be aware of?

While cleaning, you must consider whether the dart barrels are painted or not. If it is painted, you should avoid soaking it in the solution. Instead, you can use a mild cleaner and wipe the barrel. 

Sharpening of Dart Tips:

Sharpening the dart tips is another important aspect when it comes to taking care of the darts. Remember, a dart with a blunt tip cannot hit the target and will fall when getting in contact with the dartboard surface. Thus, you need to keep checking the dart tips on a regular basis.

What to be aware of?

While sharpening the tip, you must remember that the tip must be rounded, but not sharp. A sharp tip may damage the dartboard by leaving holes on it and reduce the useful life of a dart. You can use dart sharpener to get the proper shape of the tip. Do check different points of the tip and make sure that it is about the same height from every point. 

No matter you are using steel tip or soft tip dart, you should maintain it properly. With such maintenance, you can aim for a higher quality throw.