Setting up a Company in Netherlands

Setting up a Dutch company in Netherlands can be a complicated and an extensive procedure. But, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some steps you need to follow, in order to successfully set up your own company.

Steps for Setting Up a Dutch Company

  1. Hire a Tax Advisor Netherlands, who will assist you with all the tax and legal implications of setting up a company.
  2. With the help of an advisor, formulate a deed of incorporation, which is compliant to Dutch civil law notary.
  3. The deed should be duly signed by incorporator of the company or its representatives, a notary lawyer (in the case of transference of power of attorney) and all the other related parties.
  4. The company should register itself with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Tax authorities will issue a tax number to the company, which shall be used to file period tax returns.
  6. A bank account in the name of company should also be opened.

Economic Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Netherlands

Setting up a company in the Netherlands can be economically beneficial due to following reasons:

  • An ideal geographical location, accessible by sea ports and highways, makes Netherlands perfect for any company.
  • Political stability in the region and predictable economic growth gives Netherlands an edge over any other country in the world, for setting up a company.
  • Existing multinational companies pave a way for new companies in Netherlands.
  • Advanced infrastructure and highly skilled and educated labor is one of the biggest advantages for setting up a company in Netherlands.

Tax Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Netherlands

There are many tax benefits of setting up a company in Netherlands. These are enlisted as:

  • There is an exemption of incoming dividends and capital gains, to avoid double taxation.
  • The tax laws and regulations are clear and certain, without any complications or hidden tax rates.
  • The dividends are not subject to dividend withholding tax.
  • The effective tax rate in Netherlands can be as low as 5%.
  • There is no need for immediate payment of VAT during imports.
  • A 30% tax ruling (reimbursement) is given to highly skilled migrants in Netherlands.
  • Netherlands has also made many treaties with other countries to avoid double taxation.


Setting up a company in Netherlands is a smart and profitable decision for your company. It will boost up your sales and worth in the industry. Your decision can enlighten the future of your company, so chose wisely.