Rockwell hardness tester.

rockwell hardness tester

The Rockwell hardness tester performs a test on most samples when the hardness of the material needed is required, this involves pressing on the indenter into the material tested. The first test was done by m Rockwell that introduced the first machine design in 1999. The test was then considered to be very easy to use when compared to other hardness testers like Vickers. The Rockwell scale measures the hardness of the metallic substance which simply means that there is some resistance caused by penetration of the material mostly metallic materials. Before performing a hardness test you require some essential knowledge on the hardware methods and in this article, I will tell you more about the Rockwell hardness tester.

How the Rockwell hardness test works

The test done by the Rockwell hardness tester involves measuring how hard the metallic material is in the easiest way. For example, after pressing the indenter with a certain load onto the material’s surface, you are then required to measure the distance covered by the indenter after penetration. The most common indenters are made of diamond or steel balls. However, the more we continue to face the reality, the more complex it becomes. Because of different metallic samples, you have to understand all the properties they possess while using a different method in both. Always know that what is mostly used in calculating the value of Rockwell hardness is always a deformation that is permanent. It is caused by the increase in the depth of the penetration caused mainly by removing and applying the load.

rockwell hardness tester

Industrial importance of Rockwell hardness tester.

Some industries use the metal hardness tester to find out the elasticity, strength of the tensile and how plastic the material is. Not to mention that these minor factors mostly highlight suspense and the material resisting worn outs that they undergo in many applications. All metals undergoing this process should be able to persevere the extreme temperatures and pressure and using the test is the best way to determine if the material is eligible.