Nutrients for hydroponics

nutrients for hydroponics

Nutrients for Hydroponics and their Importance

Many may want to know what hydroponics is. It is a type of horticulture where you grow all the plants without soil. You only use some nutrients in an aqueous solution and grow plants on the solution. Soil is a media that holds nutrients that plants take in thus these nutrients can be provided to the plants in the absence of it. With this method, you can easily calculate the amount of nutrients your plants take in as everything is in an aqueous solution, and the quantity can be measured. All the required substances are incorporated, and the plants are suspended. This method can be used to grow some hydroculture and horticulture.

Nutrients in Solution

The nutrients added to the solutions are released slowly; thus, the plants that come out of this method are organic. The nutrients for hydroponics include;
Plant stimulants- are substrates that make microorganisms multiply faster; thus, absorption in the roots and transportation to other plants is increased. Also, they ensure that all the wastes products around the roots are fermented quicker.
Mineral nutrients -are essential for plants growth. They are incorporated in the aqueous solution to aid the plant during the blooming period. They are trace elements that are nutritious to plants.
Organic products –are mainly boosting the overall growth cycle of the plant. They are taken in slowly by the plant, thus gives ample time for the plant to utilize them.

Important of nutrients in hydroponics

nutrients for hydroponics

The above are some of the nutrients for hydroponics. They are available in varieties, but your plant should have at least a combination of each class in the recommended qualities. They make them grow organically; the nutrients must be of quality and taken in, in a controlled manner. With this method of planting horticulture, it is convenient compared to using soil.