Metal Finishing Machine

metal finishing machine

Metal finishing machines, also known as surface finishing machines, perform de-burring,  edge rounding, and other surface finishing jobs on metal products.


Metal finishing machines works on most metal surfaces. These machines work on round, square and flat tubes and bars, cookware, hardware, pans and pots, and more. It makes the exterior smooth and elegant. Surface finishing machines come in different variants. The machines differ in calibration, speed and finish.

Production process


The capability depends on the calibration, making some machines better than others. The machines perform rough grinding and fine finishing, to varying degrees. The quality of the finish depends on the type, features, and specifications. These machines may be automatic or semi-automatic.

aluminium metals


Surface finishing machines come in different specifications and capacity. These machines come in various heights, gross and net weight. The spindle, barrel and motor speed also varies. The different specifications cater to different job types and speed.  Machines with higher specifications work faster, and deliver superior quality. High-quality machines use top grade cast iron, has a robust design to ensure stability. Machines with enclosed and dynamically balanced cartridge spindle have high precision and tolerance. These machines are internally stressed relieved. Good machines have simple and user-friendly controls.