Introduction to the software for surf schools

From online bookings to real-time tracking of your resources, surf school booking system manages each aspect of a surf camp. The booking systems have user interfaces and data analytics tools that facilitate monitoring of activities of the surf camp and instructors. Rental and lesson planning, instructors, equipment, processing of customer payments has never been easier with surf school booking system. The mobile application is handy and speeds up the booking process as one can access their booking system regardless of their time or location.

Types of Surf School Boking Systems

The most popular surf school booking system is Surfdome from SurfHolidays. They do not charge any monthly, set up, or subscription fees. Only the client is charged a low transaction fee. To create an account, surf schools need to fill in their details, including prices, and add to the website a line of code. The process takes roughly 2 minutes, and their mobile app looks great.

Rezgo is another effective booking system. It enables you to manage bookings, receive payments, check in students among other exciting features. They also do not charge monthly charges. Their main features include point of sale, private lessons, gift vouchers, waivers, and many more.

Benefits Associated with the Booking System

Many people are using surf school because it offers a plethora of advantages to both the business and clients as well. It is interesting to know that averagely 40% of online bookings are made after business hours. A surfing booking system helps to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure you do not miss out on these customers. This can be achieved with the 24/7 website access.

A Surf school booking system saves you a lot of time that is spent while calling or emailing a surf school to get a booking. They help a surf school to be more organized, in that they can plan their equipment and staff for the day.

Risks of unpredicted and last-minute booking cancellations are also kept to the minimum. This is because if the customer has paid and the money has reflected in their portal, they will either not fail to show up, or give you notice in advance. This way, you can be able to plan your staffing levels and resources.