Deburring stainless steel


Steel is an alloy of iron formed by adding carbon into the iron atoms. There are large deposits of iron ore in the earth’s crust found in the form of iron oxide. Removal of the oxygen element in the ore produces pure iron. Pure iron is highly prone to corrosion due to the small quantities of carbon in its structure. Steel is manufactured through the blast furnace process where carbon is added in the iron structure. To make it stainless, 11% of chromium is added. Stainless steel is highly corrosion and oxidation resistant and stronger than iron. Due to its low cost and tensile strength, it is used in a wide range of industries such as; cars, machines, electrical appliances, ships, surgical tools and buildings. Deburring stainless steel gives it a smooth finishing.

To make stainless steel smooth

After the blast furnace, stainless steel is modified into different shapes and sizes. During the modification process, small unwanted projections are left. Deburring stainless steel ensures that the end product is as stainless and smooth as required. There are numerous processes of deburring but the most common ones are the manual, thermal energy, mechanical and cryogenic method.