A machine that removes burrs caused by a sheet metal cutting machine

Thousands of manufacturers are using a sheet metal cutting machine to produce their products. These machines can damage your materials and your products. Using a deburring machine is the best solution to protect your machines, materials and product against damage caused by burrs. Q-fin offers the F1200, an innovative deburring machine that removes all the burrs that are caused by the force of the sheet metal cutting machine.

A sheet metal cutting machine is causing burrs

If you are using a sheet metal cutting machine during the production process, you probably deal regularly with some damaged materials and products. They have some small nodes. These nodes are called burrs. Although the burrs are not always visible or very small, they can impede the function of the machines and the products. The F1200 protects your materials and machines from damage caused by the sheet metal cutting machine.

A unique deburring machine

The F1200 is a unique deburring machine designed for the deburring of sheet components up to 1200 mm. This machine is five times faster than similar machines. The F1200 is suitable for production processes with stainless steel, aluminium, steel and synthetics. Do you want to know more about our deburring machine? Then take a look at our website.