6 Things you didn’t know about carbon fiber material

Carbon fiber material became a part of our everyday lives. It is available in many widths and forms. Although carbon fiber material is an important material, still what it is and what it is used for. We made a list with 6 things thing you don’t know about carbon fiber material.

  1. Stiff, lightweight and strong

Carbon fiber material is stiff, lightweight and strong. It can replace steel and it is mostly used in specialized high-performance products like automobiles, sports equipment and aircrafts.

  1. Made from many materials

Carbon fiber material is made from many materials. The first material carbon fiber material is made from, is called precursor. The most common precursor to make carbon fiber is polyacrylonitrile. Other materials carbon fiber is made up are organic polymers. The carbon atoms bind all these polymers together.

  1. Several processes

The precursors go through several processes to produce carbon fiber. These processes include oxidations, stretching and carbonizations in high-temperature ovens that vaporize the half of the material and making it nearly 100 perfect carbons.

  1. Many blended elements

Carbon fiber material exists of many blended elements. Raw carbon fiber is brittle and can split and crack easily. Carbon fiber is made stiff by blending it with epoxy resin. By blending the material the fiber can be molded into the shape of the product. This combination of elements gives the carbon material it stiffness.

  1. Invented in 1958

Carbon fiber material was invented in 1958 in Ohio, Cleveland, America. The material wasn’t used, until a British research center developed a new manufacturing process in 1963.

  1. Carbon fiber material has a number

If you want to order carbon fiber material, you will see the letter ‘K’ with a number as for example: 1K, 3K and 12K. The K-number presents the number of fibers in the roving. Carbon tape material is woven from bunches of carbon fiber filament, also known as rovings. When you see carbon fiber material with the number K12 than it means that a roving is made from 12000 fibers.